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Dear Chapter Presidents and Editors,

Listed below you will find a calendar outlining the deadline due dates for the Eastern Regional Gazette and the Junior Gazette. Please read the guidelines carefully and submit accordingly.

Yours in Jack and Jill,
Regional Editor Thais G. Moore

Submission Deadlines 2021-2022

    Rolling submissions


    Through April 1

    2021/2022 Gazette Submissions Due

    Features include: 
    Chapter Programming– Chapter Editors are invited to share chapter news and programs highlights with the JJ Eastern Region Community.

    Mama Moments – This section includes write-ups from Chapter Editors sharing notable accomplishments from our JJ Eastern Region Moms, Dads, Jacks, and Jills so that we can celebrate together. The focus of this edition will be on new moms and who we are as an organization.



    Teen Artwork Contest – Entries Due

    The Eastern Region is looking for artwork to be featured during the 2022 Teen Conference that visually reflects this year’s theme, “Homecoming – Together Again”.  The winning artist will receive $100 and their artwork will be displayed on the cover of the 2022 Teen Conference Journal, conference signage, registration and conference presentations.

    Entries will also be selected for use as cover images on other publications throughout this programming year. Submissions will be accepted starting Sunday, November 21.   Learn More



    Junior Gazette Submissions Due (2022)

    Features of this publication include articles, artwork and poems created by/written by children and teens who have not yet graduated out. The Junior Gazette is broken up into three sections: Teen Talk (Grades 9-12), Middle School Musings (Grades 6-8), and Kiddie Corner (Preschool to Grade 5). Junior Gazette submissions are limited to one per child. 




    Eastern Region Editor Award Competition – Entries due

    The Mighty East is pleased to announce “The Editor Award” for The Best Chapter Newsletter.  We encourage Chapter Editors across the Region (CT • DC • DE • MD • MA • NJ • NY • PA • N.VA) to participate in this call for submissions.  Entries are due June 1, 2022.  To get more details, and to submit an entry click here.


    Submission Guidelines

      Text Requirements:


      • Articles should be no more than 200 words.
      • Please spell check, grammar check and proof the text, as the Editorial Committee will import your exact text into the publication’s design.
      • The article title and article text should be pasted directly into the text boxes of the submission form.
      • No Microsoft Word, Publisher or Powerpoint files or PDFs will be accepted. 
      • Junior Gazette submissions are limited to one per child.

      image Requirements:


      • Accepted formats include –
        JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD and EPS
      • Up to two pictures may be submitted with each article.
      • Uploaded photos/images must be less than 3MB.
      • PDF and Microsoft Word files will not be accepted.

      TIP: If your images/photos are too large, try using a free online image compression tool to shrink the file size without sacrificing quality. A few of our favorites:

      https://imagecompressor.com or https://compressor.io

      Overview of the Publications


      This publication provides empowering articles from the regional team and programming highlights from across the region. The Eastern Region Gazette will be published in May.  

      Junior Gazette

      This publication was designed to nurture, cultivate, and showcase the talents of our very own children through creative writings, drawings, photography, poems and articles written by our Teen Editors. The Junior Gazette will be published in  March.

      The Junior Gazette is broken up into three sections:

      • Teen Talk (Grades 9-12)
      • Middle School Musings (Grades 6-8)
      • Kiddie Corner (Preschool to Grade 5)

      Your Eastern Region Editorial Committee

      Regional Editor
      Tammy Iroku
      Metropolitan Chapter, NY

      Regional Editorial Committee
      Yvette Blaney
      Central New Jersey Chapter

      Regional Editorial Committee
      Marlo Green
      New Castle County Chapter, DE

      Regional Editorial Committee
      Thais Moore
      New Haven Chapter, CT

      Regional Editorial Committee
      Michelle Williford
      Burlington County Chapter, NJ

      Email the Regional Editor, Thais Moore, at jjeasternrethais@gmail.com
      No submissions sent via email will be accepted.  Please use the submission form to send content. 

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